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The TechSpun Environmental Sock System

Why TechSpun


The “Enivronmental Socks System” utilizes 14” Coolmax® liner socks to control the inner environment next to the skin surface and the uniquely designed 12” Boot Socks.  These outdoor socks are constructed of a blend of premium grade, high denier-count U.S. Wool, a stable fiber polypropylene and a small amount of nylon to aid in stretchiness, which is pre-treated, blended and knitted into a unique high density, reversed terry knap/high loft boot sock.  The ambient air is trapped by the reversed-terry nap yarn, which prevents cold and/or heat from penetrating the interior environment next to the foot while maximizing the surface area for moisture transport management (wicking).  The terry nap cushions your feet, displaces friction by reducing chafing and prevents blisters, and also minimizes pressure points.

The Coolmax® soft lightweight liner fibers promote the natural cooling action of the foot by wicking away moisture, keeping the foot ultra-dry and comfortable while minimizing food odor and bacteria build-up.  You will not find a better pair of outdoor socks.

                                                   Where The

                            Techspun Environmental Sock System

                                                  Can Be Used

  • Hunters, Fishermen,  Commercial Fishermen                           
  • Hikers, Back Packers, Mountain Climbers   
  • Skiers, Snowboarders,  Snow Mobile’s,  Ski Resorts,         
  • Scouts,  Campers,  Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Search & Rescue Operations,  Fire Fighters,  Ship Crews      
  • Refrigeration Workers,  Snow Crews,  Farmhands     
  • Power Line, Petroleum Industries, Communications Techs