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The TechSpun Environmental Sock System



The TechSpun Sock System consists of two socks; an inner liner sock and an outer boot sock. All socks systems require the use of the liner sock. The liner sock only comes in one weight and is used to wick moisture away from the foot.

            ALL WEATHER (AW)           SOCKS           EXTREME WEATHER (EW)   

                        The TechSpun Boot Socks come in two weights

ALL WEATHER; The most popular and versatile system designed to handle moderate to heavy conditions and temperatures from 0⁰ to 100⁰ Fahrenheit

EXTREME WEATHER; A heavier weight version of the “ALL WEATHER “ designed to with stand extreme load conditions and extreme temperatures ranging from   

- 40⁰ to 0⁰ and 100⁰ to +120⁰ Fahrenheit

It is very important that your socks fit comfortably within the interior space of your new or existing insulated or non-insulated boots. Make sure to provide enough room for all your toes to be in their natural position and allow for toe motion.

The boot sock density and thickness is determined by total load to be carried (your weight +additional weight = total carriage weight) plus temperature range.

The chart below will help you decide which sock system is best suited for your application.

Load Temperature Chart

NOTE; the bulkier knit construction of the “EW” system may require a wider or larger boot size that you would normally wear.

These socks are not a substitute for insulation in conditions where insulated boots are required.